Fire Alarm Engagement Process

Engagement Consulting Process

The Fire Alarm Marketing Group will work with you to understand your unique needs and requirements.   Fire Alarm Marketing then uses following methodology to engage.

Fire Alarm Marketing Methodology

Kickoff meeting

  • Define goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities for both Fire Alarm Marketing and the client.
  • Set preliminary timing and delivery schedules


  • Fire Alarm Marketing will collect data/ information for the requested project.  This usually includes interviewing appropriate individuals for required inputs and needs.
  • Upon completion of the discover phase Fire Alarm Marketing will deliver a  Statement of Work (SOW)

Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Objective
  • Client requirements and deliverables
  • SPOC
  • Fire Alarm deliverables
  • Schedule (kickoff, update meeting, communications)
  • Project Personnel
  • Project costs
  • Project options
  • Project change controls 

Knowledge Transfer 

  • Informal or formal training on the deliverables and operation (if applicable)

Project Acceptance

  • Review of initial objectives/deliverables

  • Review of final product/services