5 Myths Regarding Customer Satisfaction


I have encountered a number of “myths” as to why customer satisfaction is low, or why it cannot be improved.

Here are my top 5, which undoubtedly will grow:

1- Customer satisfaction is not my responsibility,

I work in manufacturing or in finance or R&D, and it its someone else’s responsibility

This is a symptom of the culture within the client. Nothing could be farther from the truth; everyone, yes everyone has an impact on customer satisfaction. Obviously it will vary, but if one “adds” the total influencing factors, each person does impact customer satisfaction.

2- Only sales or customer service is solely responsible for addressing and keeping the customer satisfied (ask Simon & Garfunkel, they even wrote a songs about it).

Many people really believe that only the functions that “touch” the customer have the customer satisfaction responsibility. OH! So wrong; That is like an auto assembler thinking since I will not be driving this car, I will not check the brakes to see if they were installed correctly.

3. Responding to a customer in a timely manner is not critical.

Often expressed as a customer request or inquiry it is not a request to actually buy something, so I can wait to get back to the customer- responsiveness is way over rated, they can wait, and I have more important things to do!

One of the most important customer satisfaction “levers” is the ability to respond to customers in a timely manner. It has been proven that responsive time not only has a positive impact on customer opinion about an enterprise but it can help overcome other areas of customer dissatisfaction.

4- Not addressing a customer issue.

So we did not fix it or handle it the way the customer wanted it but since they buy a lot from us, it really doesn’t matter, we have them locked in, and they will still buy the next time. Try this a number of times and you will have one less customer.

5- No need to have goals or objectives for customer satisfaction because the only actual measurement is actual sales or sales growth.

No goals, then how can you measure them and see if there is any progress.

Customer satisfaction may be one of the few areas left today to help differenate you from your competition. Overall, if one wants to have any kind of formal customer satisfaction program, I recommend starting with education regarding customer satisfaction before doing anything else. As the song goes, are you keeping the customer satisfied??

RHL 5/18/2009

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