What Do I Need To Say To Get A Sale Today?

A guest blog from Erika Goldwater.

Building off a previous post on “Why Doesn’t the Buyer Buy” I am going to try to articulate how to deliver relevant messages/compelling copy for your fulfillment pieces and web text. What convinces a prospect to make that initial purchase or what makes an existing customer come back for more? This is really the million-dollar question for marketers. As Marketers, we try to understand our prospects and customers, their needs and motives and ultimately, evaluate their behavior and activity to gage buying behavior.

We spend time and money developing enticing adverts with sexy copy, design brilliant graphics and write informative collateral pieces, web text and Google AdWords to get our company noticed. Is that enough?

Simply put, no. As previously expressed by Bob Mannal and Dick Lush in their recent posts, I believe it is a combination of tactics that work to help drive that sale but ultimately; it is your value proposition that closes the deal. Customers like to know they are purchasing the best solution they can from an industry LEADER. Note -price alone is not always a factor and yes, even in this economy, you can sell value without necessarily slashing prices.

The more your message is out there, the better you articulate the NEED and VALUE of your SOLUTION (not product), the better chance you have of attracting a prospect or customer who is looking and quite possibly, ready to buy.

I strongly believe in spending time in developing messaging, simple web demos and case studies that show how your solution has helped others with their critical business problems. If you make the buyer feel like you understand their unique business, their significant issues and present a clear and articulate solution with valid testimonials or demonstrations of how you can help them—a sale is likely.

Nothing we do as marketers can guarantee a sale, but the more we understand our customer’s unique challenges and the more we relay that our solutions are designed to solve their needs, the more likely we are to see legitimate interest in purchasing our solutions.

Bottom line: Keep messaging simple, solution-oriented and tailored to critical business challenges. You must take the position of the subject matter expert offering a solution that your prospect must buy to ensure continued success, reduced expenses or streamlined processes…whatever it is that keeps them up at night!

EG 6/09/2009

An experienced marketing and public relations professional, Erika has developed marketing, public relations strategies and lead generation programs for both start-ups and publicly traded companies.  Erika has helped companies develop new partnerships, launch product lines, integrate sales and marketing initiatives to drive sales and increase a company’s visibility.  She holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP).

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