Innovation – Another Perceptive

I have received a number of comments on my article titled, “The term “Innovation” is really really over rated,” RHL 6/1/09.


I came across an article ( )

 by Umair Haque, who is the Director of the Havas Media Lab.

He coins the term “unnovation” that is really innovation that lacks “authentic, meaningful value.”  In  my article, as in Umair’s, most organizations tend to hype or put that famous marketing spin on innovation, versus actually providing creativity and listening to the true innovators, the customers.


Umair suggests the first step is for enterprises to get rid the unnovation habit.  The sooner leadership allows for free thinking versus just getting tomorrow’s revenues; then innovation will rise up. 


The resurgence of innovation will also give a great shot in the arm to our current economic situation and global leadership.  I suggest that this economic struggle is the best time to form that group or team tasked with innovation, bring in lunch and let them go at it…reminding them to look for inputs from the customer base!


Until then, think outside of the box


RHL 6/15/09

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