Leads generated – Now What?

A guest post from Erika Goldwater

So you’ve generated a significant number of leads as a result of an excellent webinar and you are now ready to pass these to the sales team. Once you pass the leads, is your job done? Not by a long shot. As soon as you load these amazing leads (according to you and clearly shown by the level of interest as indicated by the participants on their registration forms) into your CRM, your sales team is going to want to know which ones have true potential, and which ones should they action first.

As a marketer, you want each and every lead actioned today! However, in most cases, that is unrealistic. Depending on the size of your sales team, the structure (do you have an inside sales team as well as a direct or channel team) and the quantity of leads you generated, the best advice I can give you is to score your leads.

Whether you use marketing automation software or not, you can score your leads based on the level of interest. For example, if a lead came from a webinar you just held, and he/ she indicated that they are looking to purchase a solution within the next three months, that would be scored as a one or HOT lead. Another example would be if there were people that registered for your webinar but did not attend; they would be scored as a two. These contacts still have potential, but they will not be the first priority for your sales team. Contacts from webinar registrations are a perfect example of prospects that should be put on one of your vertical or corporate newsletters as described in my earlier post, Cost effective Marketing 101.

The better information about a prospect or lead that you can pass onto the sales team, the better qualified the lead is and helps the sales team prioritizes their time. Sales will always want to work with the hottest lead or one that has the best potential for business. Make life easier for everyone and implement a lead scoring system, manually if you have to, or utilize best practices from your marketing automation software.

An experienced marketing and public relations professional, Erika has developed marketing, public relations strategies and lead generation programs for both start-ups and publicly traded companies. Erika has helped companies develop new partnerships, launch product lines, integrate sales and marketing initiatives to drive sales and increase a company’s visibility. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP).

EG 6/17/2009

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