“Digital Immigrant” Defined


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion on B2B use of digital media.  The meeting was held in a very cool, very hip company location, where I was easily the oldest person by 10-15 years.

During the discussion, the term “digital immigrant” was used (meaning someone coming into the   digital age/environment).  A member of the audience asked for clarification of “digital immigrant.”

The moderator responded:

If you can recall using a pay phone, you are probably a digital immigrant.”

Most of the audience laughed and nodded in agreement, while some were probably wondering what a pay phone is.

As I post this on my blog, and send it to my Facebook page via tweetdeck, I wonder if the “digital natives” shouldn’t worry more about someone cutting off their allowance instead of tying to type cast segments of the population.  I think the “immigrants” are catching up to the natives faster than they realize.

A quick poll: are you a digital native or a digital immigrant?

I will be in the phone booth waiting your call.

RHM  10/30/2009

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