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A guest post from Kistin Dziadul, a digital native.


Where is Generation Y focusing their attention today? Facebook was created at the perfect time for us. We began prodding around this site before we went off to college to meet future peers and have been loyal to it since. We have already built up a strong network of friends, photos, posts, videos, etc. so we are very attached to this site. It is not likely that we will phase out of Facebook anytime soon, even though we are a bit bothered that our parents (and even grandparents) are now on Facebook.

In a publication by Reynol Junco and Jeanna Mastrodicasa, they found that in a survey of 7,705 college students in the U.S.:-

  • 97% own a computer
  • 94% own a mobile phone
  • 34% use websites as a primary source of news
  • 75% of students have a Facebook account

You shouldn’t be surprised by these statistics, as you observe this generation using these sources every day. Facebook is essentially the most indispensable tool that we use, from socializing to sharing information, to posting memorable photos from events. We can easily keep in contact with former high school classmates, distant college friends, relatives, etc.
Generation Y is always on the go, however, this does not stop us from accessing Facebook since so many of us now own smart phones. Our mobile phones are essentially extensions of our hands and we have every social application we use right on us at all times to keep in touch.

We are the most eager to adopt new technologies as well. We love staying connected, talking with friends about new products, and showing off our latest and greatest technology purchases. That is why we are on the Internet so much, and almost all of us have a mobile phone. If companies market their new products to us correctly, and make the product look ‘cool’, we will be quite eager to at least try it out. Make it have a social component, and your odds of having us use it increases dramatically since Generation Y loves to share content.

Although Facebook is the most popular social network for Generation Y, it is not so for businesses. Our age group does not go on Facebook to be advertised to and we do not purposely search for business pages of which we want to become fans. I think Twitter solved this problem since it allows for much easier accessibility to businesses and advertisers. Twitter can be a very effective way to spread viral content about your business due to its ease of sharing, unlike Facebook.

Fortunately, Gen Y’ers are slowly getting on board the ‘Twitter train’ so to say, and if businesses already have a strong establishment on Twitter and have researched how to talk to this younger crowd on this medium, they will do well. So, although our generation uses Facebook the most, and Twitter has proved to be a very effective business tool, adoption of new technologies overtime will help brands relate to Generation Y quite effectively.

Kristin Dziadul, a recent college graduate, is a “digital native.”  She blogs daily about Gen Y activities and customs.  Her blog can be found on her website,

3 comments to Gen Y’ers Favorite – Socially Connected 24/7

  • Kristen: Preparing for a speech next week at Princeton Cell Me The Snacks. Read a Motorola research study of holiday shoppers, 51% of consumers utilizied their mobile phones for in store related activities (comparative shopping, promotions, peer feedback, product info, etc. The survey indicated 64% for Gen Y. Points to how tech savvy Gen Y is. Just put a mobile in their hand and let the marketing begin because they will find you. There also has been a rash of Foursquare articles the past sixty days which will definitely be favored by Gen Y in the future. Find me the Mayor.

  • Very true. I have also been reading those Foursquare articles, geolocation apps are popping up everywhere and becoming more mainstream, Twitter’s API and Facebook are going to have those capabilities soon.

  • I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

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