Five Great Marketing Tips

We all have our rules to live by and Marketing is no exception. The following are my top five Marketing tips.

1-     Know what you are marketing:  call it branding, messaging, awareness, whatever, make sure people understand what you do or stand for in very clear, concise message. This is even more important in today’s environment where consumers are researching you without your involvement…. if they are confused;  you are “one click” away from losing a potential customer.

2-     Know your audience:  who are you marketing to?  What is their profile (example, people age 35-51), key characteristics (music lovers), buying habits/preference (concert followers) and who do they prefer to buy from (only buy from catalogs). If your campaign or product does not match up with the end users interest or needs, it is all wasted time and resources.

3-     KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid:  your message, your offering, how to buy, where to buy, how to get support, and why your product or service.   Do everything you can to make it easy for a potential customer to understand and buy your product. It is a very competitive environment and any obstacle in the way of the customer will probably lead to a lost order.

4-     Multiple media and/or campaigns are required. One media or one campaign is not your answer to marketing. One needs to have a mix of media and a consistent flow of linked campaigns to get customers to buy.  Blogs, webinars, white papers, collateral, emails, and newsletters are just a few activities that marketers have in their arsenal. Also remember to have compelling offers that list value propositions and have relevance NOT just hype.

5-     Market to the customer’s needs/pains NOT to your product or service.  Let me use a real situation to explain this one.  Two vendors were competing for business with a major banking institution.  The first vendor presented a very in- depth presentation about VOIP, SIP, and the convergence of data and voice, with regards to how it could be applied to the banking industry. When done, the vendor asks the key decision makers what they thought. Their reply was; we are extremely impressed with your knowledge of technology, you guys are the best!

The second vendor took a different approach: they talked about the banker’s issues like work flow in the loan division and coordinating data and voice records between the mortgage and saving divisions and how their solution would address these issues and many others. When done, they too asked what the decision makers thought. Their reply was, your company really knows our business and our major issues.   Guess who got the order?

Well, these are my favorite marketing rules; what are yours?

RHL 3/16/10

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