Our Web Site At A Year – And Our Advice To Our Clients

The Fire Alarm Marketing web site went “live” on May 5, 2009.  We have used it both to communicate to our community, as well as to appreciate some of the Web 2.0 issues that have plagued our clients.  This experience has been positive and instructive, and we would like to share our findings.

  • In the past year we have had 3,658 visits to our web site.  2,259 or 61% of the visitors were unique, which means that over a third of the visitors came back for subsequent visits.
  • The 12 month average of 188 unique visitors a month masks our starting out slowly, and growing to our current run-rate of well over 200 unique visitors a month.
  • There were 10,313 page views, meaning that those that came to the site visited, on average 3 pages a visit.  Not surprisingly, our Welcome page was the most visited page.
  • Traffic came from three sources, almost evenly divided.  36% came from search engines, 30% came directly and 29% came from referring sites.  (5% came from other.)
  • Visitors came from 86 countries and territories.  80% of the visitors came from the US, with the majority living in New England.
  • We have published 82 posts, penned by ourselves and three guest bloggers.  Of these posts the five most popular are:

The Pros and Cons of Indirect Distribution

The Pros and Cons of Direct Distribution

The Upside-Down World of Lead Generation

Doritos’ Shameful Super Bowl Ad – The Slap

Issues Regarding VOIP

  • We have had 757 comments, regarding the value from our blogs, requests for other topics, and the usual spam.
  • Using Hubspots’ Website Grader, we have a ranking of 81, leaving us room to improve, especially in the area of inbound links and social networking.  We do have twitter accounts and have, within the last few months, linked our website to our corporate LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Lessons that we have passed along to our clients:

  • Today, the Internet is THE source of information.  When you meet, write or comment, interested people go to your website.  Having an up-to-date, easy to navigate web site is mandatory.
  • Try to make web pages engaging, i.e. have a call-to-action or requests.
  • Change is essential.  While we have not done a complete “facelift,” virtually every page has been examined, modified and/or changed to some degree.  Our clients should expect to continuously work on their web sites.
  • Writing is hard.  Those chosen to post blogs on the site must be able to clearly convey one or two messages in 500-600 words or less.
  • Spammers are a fact of life.  Everyone who allows comments on posts will get spammed.  So be aware that one needs to monitor these activities.
  • Web 2.0 is evolving.  In April of 2009 having links to corporate Facebook and LinkedIn pages was only being done by a few…today it is almost mandatory.  Tomorrow it will be something else, which goes back to the idea of constant change.

Bottom line, your web site is NOT a static display but should be evolving, inviting and most of all provide value and original content.

Have your experiences over the past year been different?

RHM  5/5/2010

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