Five Tips on Buying A Mailing List

Considering doing a mail or email campaign and want to buy a mailing list? The following are some tips that you should consider before sending in that PO or money order.
1-Does the list you are thinking about cover those industries or market segments that you want to serve? A key to successful mailing campaigns is having a targeted audience (example, business or consumer), so make sure the potential list addresses your segments. Go beyond the SIC or NAICS codes that the vendor lists.
2– If it is an email list that you want to buy, are the addresses current and is the vendor CAN-SPAM compliant? Has the email addressee opted in? A number of vendors will provide lists at a seemingly good price mainly because the email addresses are either no longer valid or just plain made up. A fall out of bad emails are bounces and a fall out of a high bounce rate is you or your service provider could get “black listed” for sending a high rate of invalid emails.
3-What items does the potential list contain? Do the entries provide email address, names (first and last), company name and company address, SIC/NAICS codes, number of employees, sales dollars. Some lists will only provide email addresses, while others will provide a number of entries but no email addresses. So know that if you are going to do a mailing you might not be able to do a follow up email mailing with certain lists.
4-Has the vendor scanned the list for invalid or out of date entries and is there a certain percentage guarantee of “good” entries? Again you only get what you paid for AND a bad list can create tons of work with minimum results.
5-Price, remember if it is too good to be true, then it probably is not a good list. Some vendors offer thousands of names for only hundreds of dollars. Reasons for this are many but basically they have not maintained the list and thus there is a high probability that you will be very disappointed with the results. I would say the cost for a good, reliable “entry” is in the plus or minus a dollar for a given volume of names.

Well, I hope this helps you in your decision process and remember in all marketing, segmentation if one of the first critical step in any successful marketing activity!
RHL 9/9/10

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