Is Your Contact Center Measuring Up?

As I stated in my last posting, Contact Centers are your face to the customer.  I discussed the important functions required of a contact center in meeting customer needs and the requirements that must be present for it to be best-in-class.

From an enterprise point of view, Contact Centers are measured by performance metrics regarding the contact center and the agents who man them. These metrics tell us how the Contact Center is doing in terms of efficiency, cost, service quality, and performance.  At a very high level, here are some key indicators:

Business Metrics:

  • Revenue Generation- conversion of contacts to sales, sales generation (leads), Note, is the contact center at cost or a profit center?
  • Cost efficiency – quality of the agents, infrastructure utilization, call time utilization
  • Customer satisfaction – customer’s experience when dealing with the contact center and the agents


People Metrics:

  • Abandon Rate-  how long before the caller hangs up  (today the customer is getting even more less likely to wait)
  • Availability and Agent Utilization- not just the next available agent but the appropriate agent regarding your issue
  • Average Speed of Answer (ASA) – how long is the customer in the queue before someone answers?
  • Customer Satisfaction- how fast the issue is resolved with what quality and professionalism to the customer’s satisfaction?
  • One Call Resolution Rate- is the issue resolved with just one call?
  • Service Level – measures percent of contact handled over a specific time frame


As you can see from a high level, Contact Centers and agents can be measured in many ways (far more than what has been discussed) and the key is having the necessary functions, skills and resources with the correct balance to meet the every growing customer demands.   What makes this even more challenging is that new technologies seem to develop each day and thus new media, new methods or issues come into play for the contact center.

Back to the original question, how is your Contact Center measuring up?  When is the last time you have had Marketing survey your customers, do a competitive analysis to see where you stand, or promote your Contact Center as a differentiator?  

Remember your might just be a phone call away from losing a customer.

For more details on what today’s Contact Center should look like CONTACT US.

RHL 10/05/10


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