Marketing, A Completely Obsolete Function

Still looking to reduce your operating budget?   Here is a suggestion where you can make great inroads- cut or eliminate all Marketing activities.  If you follow these five steps, I will make you a money back guarantee.

1-      Give your sales force and or resellers that key compelling feature for your product or service that is being worked on in development. Something like, 100Million trillion bits per second with 1,000 priority channels. This will be enough for your sales team to sell to any potential customer. Forget that it does not address any customer application or there are no new benefits or value propositions to the customer.  These things are far overrated.

2-      Cut your web site activities to zero.  It is not true that customers are researching for products or services over the Internet and eliminating companies before they even contact you.  Your features (see above) are enough to get the orders.

3-      Stop having your Marketing resources track what is being said about your company and/ or products via social media like Facebook or twitter.   The chances that any portion of the 600 million plus social media users are critiquing your company and or products/services are highly unlikely.

4-      Eliminate all email campaigns and newsletters No-one really reads your emails to see what values you are providing or is interested in your thought leadership.

5-      Put on hold any product/service introductions, as no one is buying anything anyways (except from your competition). Just milk your core products until the economy gets better and in the mean time let your engineering team support sales.

If you do some or all of these suggestions I personally guarantee that your will be out of business within twelve months.

It has been proven time and time again that companies who increase their marketing activities during slower economic times come out ahead AND have increased in their market share.   The choice is yours, play it extremely safe and lose big time or embrace Marketing and win big time!

RHL 11/2/10

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