A Suggestion For A 2011 Marketing Organization


Dick and others are recommending that CMOs look to reorganizing the Marketing function in 2011 in order to be more responsive to the demands being placed on Marketing.

Sketched below is a first draft of a 2011 Marketing organization for a B2B company with revenues north of $150M.  It assumes a separate, but equal, sales organization.  For smaller companies the same functions are required, but it is understood that they may find it difficult to fill each of the discrete functions.  Each of these functions reports directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.  (CMO)

Solution Manager(s)

View is 12 to 18 Months out. Works with Development to deliver the differentiated application solution at the right time and right price. Responsible for training, sales support and product road-map. Shares competitive analysis work with Marketing Programs.

Customer Satisfaction/Liaison

Responsible for pre and post customer support. Acquires information by listening to the customer and is responsible for providing a positive customer experience.  Provides input to Solution Manager, Sales and Marketing Programs.

Marketing Programs

View is 0 to 12 months.  Responsible for lead generation, tracking and nurturing. Delivers leads via Web Site (SEO, web tools, etc.) as well as events, programs, collateral. Listens to the customer, provides research and analytical information regarding social media, industry and programs. Responsible for the Brand. Trains the rest of the organization on the use of social media. Shares competitive analysis work with Solution Managers.

Content Generator

Responsible for the voice of the company. Delivers new, relevant content that is distributed by Marketing programs. Spokesperson for the company. Viewed as Industry Guru; Expert. Assists in sales support.

Public Relations

PR function executed in social media.   (Note: Marketing organization has dotted line relationship with Investor Relations.)





Have I missed anything?  Does your Marketing organization cover these functions?  Will they in 2011?  In your company, if Marketing is not responsible for all contacts with a potential or existing customer, who is?

RHM    12/9/2010

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