Facebook to set new revenue records in 2011

Facebook’s revenue estimates for 2010 were in the range of $1B to $1.5B  One source of Facebook’s revenue is from Ads.  Given there are 600 million plus people on Facebook and that it’s and growing at a rapid rate, the potential for record breaking revenues in 2011 is very possible.  So if you would like to be a part of this record, why not place an ad on Facebook and not only enjoy being part of the record but also realize some revenues of your own!

Placing a Facebook ad is very easy;   just create a compelling offer, think of a very short tag line (along with an icon or some form of a graphic to go with the text) link the ad to your web site, sit back and let the dollars roll in.

Oh, I forgot, you need to input your customer profile which will provide an estimate of your Facebook audience, assuming that people are not concerned about privacy and have filled in this section accurately (not very good customer segmentation).

Oh, I forgot, you have to pick a price range or limit per day on how much you want to pay for each time someone opens your ad.

Oh, I also forgot to mention, you are competing with thousands of other companies and you have very limited ad space to get your point across, so compose wisely.

Oh, another thing, your product better be the only one in the world, very consumer oriented and have a finely tuned audience.

Oh, and since you are running your ad at the same time that thousands are, be prepared to run it for years before you get an actual hit.

Oh, make sure you email all the 600 million users that you have an ad and that they should sit in front of their computer and sort through the ad section until they see your ad.

Oh, be prepared to tweak your ad when you get no inquiries.

Oh, be prepared to receive a suggestion to increase your spend rate to improve your hit rate (probably increase the rate from zero).

Oh, if the this is your first time  running a Facebook ad, and the results are not good,  have enough dollars to run the ad again because you will think the second time is a sure thing ( this will prove to be wrong but you will do it anyways).

If these are too many Ohs, with less than favorable results, I have a better suggestion, don’t fall into this money sink, either donate your dollars to your favor charity or makes some phone calls (good old sales 101) to potential clients.  Until the next white elephant, happy marketing.

RHL 2/1/11

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