Account Control is DEAD !

Bad news Timmy, not only is there no Santa Claus, but account control no longer exists!

So if you are living in the old world where sales people knew everything about their accounts, where they provided the customer with all the “necessary information” and helped guide them down the path that eventually led to an order, you are in for an extremely rude awakening!

This old sales model is no longer valid, the selling company is no longer in control, and the potential end user/buyer is NOW in control.

There are many reasons why the sales model has changed and why you, as a vendor, should understand all the issues in order to reorganize your sales and marketing organizations to make them current with the today’s buyers.

One reason for this dramatic change is the Internet.   The world of information has been opened to the consumer (both B2C and B2B).  End users can research everything about a company, about particular products or services, about existing customer’s reactions, about any issues related to the company, the product or service and price.   The bottom line is that the end user is getting data and information about product and services how and when they want it, versus the vendor “spoon feeding” it to them.

So you have two choices, one you can keep doing things the way you have been and wonder why sales are not only not growing but actually declining.  Or, you can analyze the customer “domain” and modify your sales and marketing to be in sync with your existing and potential customers.

I will post some other issues that have caused the sales model to change, but in the mean time if you have any specific questions just ask them via Contact Us.

RHL 3/22/11

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