Inside the Over 50 Hockey League

No marketing, business development advice or information today, but how about some insight on the great sport of hockey?

 Living in the Boston area for a sports fan is quite a trip. The Celtics, Red Sox’s, Patriots, the Revolution and the Bruins!  I follow and play (more like I participate) in a number of sports. One of my favorites is hockey.

I’d like to give you some insight onto what actually goes on in a 50’s and over hockey league.

During a face off, the ref (whom I know and who is a very good hockey player) stated to me, “You guys are so slow; I can’t tell a fast break from just skating.”  Talk about boosting one’s ego!   

I also heard one player say to the ref, “please give me a penalty, I am out of breath!

During  a shift change one of my teammates stated,” I can’t  do these fast breaks any more”, to which I said,” John, you only had one fast break”, to which he said ,” yes one too many!”

Jack, one of our right wingers, was in our opponent’s zone when from across the rink he got a pass (which was just a tad behind) and in a split second, Jack let go of one of the best slap shots I ever saw, but unfortunately he also lost his balance and crashed into the boards. What really happened is that Jack was falling and he tried to save himself by using his stick. The puck actually hit the stick NOT Jack hitting the puck!

In the locker room at the end of a game, there is dead silence for about 5 to 10 minutes while everyone tries to get their breath back, then  instead of a couple of cold ones,  friends offer sports cream or ice packs, and everyone goes straight home and tries to get their energy back.

Well, now you know the inside of hockey and what happens to kids who don’t grow old but just become a little, or a lot, slower.

RHL  5/18/11

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