Where Is The Economy Headed?

In our meeting on Tuesday, Dick commented that the traffic to and back from Maine seemed unusually light for a Memorial Day weekend.

Recent news reports have highlighted lower housing prices, lower consumer confidence and fewer jobs added in May than anticipated.  One housing observer commented that "we are bumping along the bottom."

So readers, it is time for a poll:

1. Do you think the economy is going to get better, stay the same, or go down for the balance of 2011?

2. Has your (or your firm’s) view of the economy influenced resource allocations and/or buying decisions?

3. Do you believe Marketing, using both old and new tools, can help generate revenue regardless of the state of the economy?

You can post your answers below in the comment section, or email them to me: [email protected]

Thanks, and I will summarize the respnses.

RHM 6/1/2011

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