The past month and a half has been a mishmash of overseas travel, medical emergencies, and reading, first two taking me off the grid because I didn’t have good Internet access. There has not been a lot of “down-time” but there has been time to think and reflect.  Here are some my more random thoughts.

Most people are nice.  One of the messages in Stuart Diamond’s book “Getting More” is that in negotiating with people, by being nice and establishing a relationship you will get more.  While there was not a lot of negotiation, most of the people I encountered, either in hospitals in Boston and Philadelphia or while in England were nice and worked very hard to please. 

Stuxnet.  A lot of  press has been about UK newspapers gaining information by hacking into phone messages.  A recent article in Wired talks about Stuxnet, which in my opinion is one of the most significant security risks yet uncovered, and far more significant than phone hacking.  The article can be found here:  

Imagine for a moment the discussions that led up to this “product.”  We still do not know who sat around a table and said, “How can we slow down or destroy Iran’s ability to construct nuclear bombs without an overt act of war and do it so they won’t notice what is happening?”  Who ever it was came up with an answer that said, “Well if we exploit zero-day exploits to take over the computers controlling the centrifuge controllers made by Siemens we can do this, and we can gain control of the computers by using virus infected thumb drives that will propagate the viruses through a Windows platform” And then they went out and did it… and did it eloquently.  That this was done is straight out of James Bond or the Matrix, take your choice.

Fairness   That the economy is “bouncing along the bottom” is stating the obvious.  What is bizarre is that our elected officials are choosing to play chicken[1] with the economy, rather than pushing for job creation.  Yes we need to cut spending.  Yes there are tax loopholes.  However, a solution that impacts over 300 million people should not be crises driven. 

Somehow, it does not seem “fair” that a process is hijacked by a minority of the elected officials who refuse to engage in the democratic process of compromise.  Nor does it seem “fair” that proposed solutions are kicked down the road and said solutions are based on assumptions (winding down the wars) rather than concrete proposals.  Or that elected representatives cannot do their jobs, when 99.9% of those working are asked to do their jobs…without the benefit of the level of health and pension support that a Congressman or Senator gets.

But perhaps I have been spending too much time musing and not enough time working.

Your thoughts?  RHM 7/29/2011   









[1] An expression from the 50’s that described hot-rodders racing at one another, or at a cliff, until one ‘chickened” out.  See the movie Rebel Without a Cause











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  • Jim Matorin

    Good to have you back.  I was getting a little concerned.  Solid post.

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