The Winner of the 2012 Daytona 500 is

So who really won the Daytona 500?   Officially it was Matt Kenseth and his sponsor, Best Buy, but unofficially I think there was another winner — Twitter and more generally social media.

Before I explain, let me state that I am one of those sport fans: I watch, participate and discuss a wide range of sports.  While auto racing is not one of my most favorite sports, I do watch a variety of auto racing and I have been to a number of NASCAR and Formula races. And to be totally open, one of my “bucket list” activities was to drive a race car.  That item got checked off last year when I rode in a NASCAR car at Daytona and did three (3) laps at an average of 180+ MPH.  That was an experience I will always remember, and from it I now have a tremendous appreciation for all race car drivers.

Back to my point, while Matt won the race, Brad Keselowski (another driver) did some tweeting during some of the caution delays and it has been reported that his followers tripled or went from about 50,000 to over 200,000 followers in a manner of minutes.  You can see one of his tweets and picture here!/keselowski/status/174327635093106688/photo/1

Now, I will admit some of those followers were probably people in the grandstand, but many were not and the main point is if you have a product or service, do not underestimate the power of social media in getting your product or service some attention and business. If you know your targeted market(s) and the critical issues, then social media is a great way to share your concerns, identify with your followers and build a relationship. If you are not convinced, I would recommend that, as a minimum, your company monitor what is being said about your product or service or competitive products and services so you can gather free information about what the end users are saying and looking for, both positively and negatively.

And by the way do what Brad Keselowski did; pull over in your car before you tweet.

RHL 3/1/12

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