Who Is the Greatest Rock & Roll Band of All times?

~~At various marketing events or at  technical forums on subjects like OSPF, SEO, cloud Computing, or at our local town meetings or fund raisers or at various watering hole,; I get asked who is the greatest Rock & Roll Band of all times.  So, I thought I would settle this question once and for all.
Among suggested responses are:  the Grateful Dead, Aerosmith, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, a number said the Who or Led Zeppelin.
So to determine the correct answer, I used the five “P’s” of marketing.
Let’s start with the Product: which group has produced the most records, given the most concerts, the most tours and books?  Several surveys stated that the Beatles have  sold the most records (at least in the USA).  Among the top five in overall sales were the Rolling Stones
As for Promotion, This is a tough one to determine, since there are very little financials regarding money spent on advertising, media, and other promotional areas. One band that has been declared by a number of music outlets as the Greatest Rock & Roll Band is the Rolling Stones.
Price: Again a number of surveys/studies have provided a range of ticket prices. Some mentioned in the biggest value were Jimmy Buffet, The Who and the Rolling Stones
Place, place in history.  Sure the Beatles have had an impact on music and our culture, but do they exist (No Wings does not count)?   The Rolling Stones have been turning out tunes, concerts, and literature for 50, yes, fifty years.  And because of this longevity, they have connected with multiple generations, an unusual feat.
Profit: One book estimated the Rolling Stones are the most profitable band in the world (their financials are all Dutch based with a tax rate of less than 3%) and have had record breaking revenues over various periods of times.

So in conclusion, there is only one band that is either number one in one of the five P’s or in the top five; it is the Rolling Stones!  One of the Stone’s songs is “Satisfaction”, to be more accurate; instead of saying “I can’t get no satisfaction” the words should be changed to “we are extremely satisfied”.
In any case, regardless of who is your favorite band, just keep in mind, “it is only rock & roll and I like it”.

RHL 8/4/14

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