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3 of our top 5 blogs over the past 5 years are about structuring sales organizations. The are:
These blogs by Dick, which deal with Business to Business companies, have been read by thousands of people, with several insightful comments posted by readers.
Five years in, it is worth reviewing these blogs in the era of exploding Internet sales and almost real time delivery by large Internet vendors.
Most of the headlines and news about Internet sales comes from consumer products and sales. B2B sales are both the same and different from consumer sales. They are the same, in that buyers are using the Internet to research vendors; gaining knowledge of products, usages, and current customer reactions (ratings). They are different, in that generally speaking, B2B sales carry a higher price point, one that often requires multiple levels of approval and/or is decided by a committee.
This higher price point, often in 6 or 7 figures, requires that a representative of the selling company present the Features/Advantages/Benefits of the seller's product or service directly to the (knowledgeable, web trained) buyer. This can be done through direct or indirect sales channels, but it requires face-to-face human contact.
How B2B companies address this requirement is often the difference between success and failure. If the sales force (direct or indirect) is not well trained, does not professionally convey the salient messages and does not create trust in the seller, then the sale is lost…even if the product itself is demonstrably better.
What's changed in the past 5 years since these posts above were published? Primarily the ability of the buyer to more fully research the vendor and the vendor's products, to the point where some vendors are removed from a short list, and they don't even know it.
Today, B2B companies must ensure that their web site represents them fully and accurately. It must be designed for all type of devices, be easy to navigate and have all information easily available, i.e., About Us, Case Studies, Details and Diagrams, Most Frequently Used Applications, etc. Today the web site is the first step in distributing a product and failure to present well will often not allow you to take the second step.
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RHL 12/18/2014


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