Is Your Contact Center Measuring Up?

As I stated in my last posting, Contact Centers are your face to the customer. I discussed the important functions required of a contact center in meeting customer needs and the requirements that must be present for it to be best-in-class.

From an enterprise point of view, Contact Centers are measured by performance metrics regarding […]

Is Your Contact Center Providing Customer Satisfaction?

Today providing timely access to information for your customer is critical. One way that current enterprises address this need is through their contact center. For a contact center to meet this growing demand of customer satisfaction it must have some key critical components.

First let’s define a contact center and their components. A contact […]

All We Need is One More 800 Number to Call!

I don’t know about you, but if I call one more 800 number and get a robotic voice asking me to express my need or press one for whatever, I am going to just hang up and cancel that account.

Now I realize that 800 numbers (one channel into a contact center) is a cost […]