All We Need is One More 800 Number to Call!

I don’t know about you, but if I call one more 800 number and get a robotic voice asking me to express my need or press one for whatever, I am going to just hang up and cancel that account.

Now I realize that 800 numbers (one channel into a contact center) is a cost […]

Missed Opportunity and #Amtrak

Comments on how Amtrak missed an opportunity to build customer satisfaction when their service failed the Friday before Labor Day. #amtrak […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Call/Contact Center

Everyone is constantly trying ways to lower the cost of operations while at the same time generating additional revenues.  One key area of focus in today’s enterprise is the call or contact center.  Here is where your existing and potential new customers “meet” or interface with your company.  The contact center provides a channel for […]

A View of the future CIO

As a marketing consultant, it is critical that we be aware of changing trends, market disruptions and technological impacts so that we can integrate them into the potential messages, value propositions and benefits of our marketing campaigns. The 2010 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium that I attended is a good example of some of the changes […]

Blogs From The Front II – Customers

A continuation of survey results conducted with Marketers in January 2010. This posting deals with how they are approaching their current customers. […]

Five Myths about the Direct Sales Force

In my previous postings I talked about the three major sales channel models (direct, indirect and direct marketing). This posting will discuss five major misconceptions about the sales force in the direct sales channel model.

Five major direct sales force misconceptions:

1- That the sales force is only “coin operated”, meaning they are […]

The Twelve Days of Sales

On the first day of sales, marketing gave to me (the sales force) an outstanding brand!

On the second day of sales, marketing gave to me two value propositions and an outstanding brand!

On the third day of sales, marketing gave to me, three new market segments, two value propositions and an outstanding brand!

On […]

The ONLY Metric to use in 2010 planning

The definition of the ONLY metric to use in developing 2010 Marketing plans. […]

Switching Sales Channels, Don’t touch that dial just yet

This is the seventh in a series regarding Sales Channels

One reader, who felt that the scorecard was a good guideline in defining the appropriate channels for many enterprises, wanted some insight on what should be […]

The Power of Social Networks

Two blogs, one positive, one negative, that show the economic power of Social Networks on a company’s brand, image and customer service. […]