Generating Revenue From Online Sales

The characteristics and factors for success in using Online Distribution for both B2B and B2C companies. […]

Sales and Distribution

A 2014 update on three of our most popular blogs, covering choosing the best sales organization and the pros/cons of Direct and Indirect channels. […]

Which Sales Channel Is Best?

Dick Lush and I are discussing Sales Channels at the Rhode Island Business Exchange on May 3rd. We welcome your participation. […]

What to Consider when selecting an Indirect Sales Partner – Part II

 In my last posting, I talked about a number of critical considerations/ activities that one must review when selecting to use an indirect channel. As I have said in other postings regarding channels  make sure you have an overall strategy and ask; will this channel selection support this strategy?  I then talked in more detail about […]

What to Consider when selecting an Indirect Sales Partner

 If you are considering selling your product or service via an indirect channel (when you sell your product or service to an intermediary or middleman, who then sells it to the end user) there are numerous considerations that you must examine. As I have said in other postings make sure you have an overall strategy […]

How to Optimize Your Current Marketing Mix?

Are you getting the best “bang” for your Marketing bucks?

Today’s environment has created challenges for all marketing organizations.  First, the economy is probably having a negative impact on your business, which is being reflected in your marketing budget, personnel and flexibility. All of this with increasing requests to generate additional leads (sales). The other […]

Which Sales Channel is the Best?

Like everything else in this world, there are often multiple choices that can be made. Selecting a sales channel is no different. I have listed below the more popular sales channels and a very high level advantage and disadvantage of each.

Channel Chief Advantage Chief Disadvantage

Direct Sales Force Account Control Can be expensive


Death of a (Field) Salesman

A post suggesting that Internet disintermediation will cause the traditional field sales person to be replaced by telemarketers. […]

Is The Internet Replacing Telemarketing?

A post showing how the Internet has the potential to replace the telemarketing function. […]