The Fiscal Cliff and Marketing – Part II

The Fiscal Cliff issue highlights four common traits that a President and CMO must have in order to see their agenda achieved. They are shown here. […]

Marketing and the “New Normal”

5 recommendations for Marketers to embrace when facing the chaos of the “new normal” economy. […]

5 Deflationary Indicators – And Their Implications To The CMO

5 examples illustrate that today’s buyer is getting more for his dollar, which has implications in constructing the right offering in deflationary times. […]

Sweet and Wide

Sugar is creating obesity, which is increasing medical costs. The suggestion is to tax sugar, using the monies raised to offset the increasing costs. […]

The Buyer’s Psych – Brand And Trust

Trust in a brand is a key part of the buying process when people have scarce resources. Marketing’s role today is to ensure that the brand can be trusted. […]

Is It Time To Rethink Social Media?

A suggestion that the social media frenzy has been over-hyped, at least in B2B markets, and that in today’s economy a focus on past practices may be the answer. […]

4 Marketing Strategies For Deflationary Times

If we enter a period of deflation, marketing strategies will have to change. This discussion looks at the pros and cons of 4 different strategies. […]

The Lesson My Barber Taught Me About Confidence And The Economy

Consumer confidence is going down, driven by the wrangling in Congress, uncertain economic conditions abroad, and the stock market. When confidence comes back, so will the economy. […]