Typical Business Plan Outline Part 2

~~Before we look at a typical business plan, a few comments first. 1-Regardless of the size or complexity of the enterprise, one should include all sections even if they are not formed or required. 2- Each section should have a “mini” business plan that should define their mission, goals and objectives that support the company’s […]

The Fiscal Cliff and Marketing – Part 1

Suggestions for CMOs and Marketing Managers relating to the upcoming fiscal cliff […]

A Scientific approach to Customer Satisfaction

In one of my posting I asked the question, Who is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction?

 I stated that customer satisfaction is the responsibility of EVERYONE!

Everyone “touches “  the customer and how everyone performs their job relates to the customer being satisfied.  I also listed several steps for starting a customer satisfaction program within any […]

The Right Marketing Strategy For 2010 and 2011

With current economic forecasts pointing to flat or down, here are recommended Marketing strategies for the balance of 2010 and 2011. […]

The Dog Days of Summer and the CMO

6 suggestions for the CMO on how to optimize the Dog Days of Summer. […]

2011 – Planning and Trends

Planning for 2011 must start now with Marketing taking the lead. Here are some recommendations for the CMO as she/he begins this process. […]

What Now? Q2 Suggestions For The CMO

Suggestions for the CMO on using April data to forecast the year, using the information derived to make mid-course corrections, if needed. […]

The Pros and Cons of Product Forecasting

Forecasting has always intrigued me.  Whether it is predicting the stock market’s next move, betting on a horse race or if will it rain or shine  tomorrow; all have some form of tools and information to “assist” in predicting the future.

As for business, all sales executives, managers, and field sales personnel are involved with […]