Sweet and Wide

Sugar is creating obesity, which is increasing medical costs. The suggestion is to tax sugar, using the monies raised to offset the increasing costs. […]

Inside the Over 50 Hockey League

No marketing, business development advice or information today, but how about some insight on the great sport of hockey?

 Living in the Boston area for a sports fan is quite a trip. The Celtics, Red Sox’s, Patriots, the Revolution and the Bruins!  I follow and play (more like I participate) in a number of sports. […]

Are Trade Shows Dead?

We all know the old expression; “you learn something new every day!”   Well, I think this one will be interesting to many readers.   According to a number of surveys that questioned marketers in the B2B environment on what marketing activities were very effective in providing leads, tradeshows, yes tradeshows, were very high on the list. […]

Doritos’ Shameful Super Bowl Ad – The Slap

A discussion on Doritos’ Super Bowl ad…The Slap […]

5 Issues regarding VOIP

One should always understand the issues and considerations when buying any product or service. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is no exception to this rule. This posting will outline the major issues relating to VOIP.

VOIP is basically transmitting packet data (voice is data) over the Internet versus traditional voice (circuit switched). The two basic […]

“Digital Immigrant” Defined

A comment on the definition of digital immigrants […]

Marketing Personnel and the Layoff

Guidance for Marketing people facing a lay-off and would like to construct a portfolio. […]

Social Networking Is Not Free Marketing

A review of he direct and hidden costs in using some of the common social networking tools. […]

Why Doesn’t the Buyer Buy?

A response to Barbara Bix’s comments, suggesting that Marketing decision makers are incented not to buy by management, and offering alternative strategies to Marketers to help weather the times. […]

Cost Effective Marketing 101

A strategy to generate leads in a cost effective manner […]