“Which Pricing Strategy is correct for your company?”

One of the critical activities relating to revenue generation is selecting the right Price,(4P’s are Price, Place, Promotion, and Product) for your product/ service.

But for this posting we will only talk about which pricing strategy is appropriate for your company; but let’s first review some basic terms.

Price is […]

Who Is the Greatest Rock & Roll Band of All times?

~~At various marketing events or at  technical forums on subjects like OSPF, SEO, cloud Computing, or at our local town meetings or fund raisers or at various watering hole,; I get asked who is the greatest Rock & Roll Band of all times.  So, I thought I would settle this question once and for all. […]

The Basics of a Business Plan Part One

Business Plans are critical to any enterprises.  But there are enterprises that either have only a partial plan or no plan at all.   Having no plan is like a ship without a rudder; you will be afloat but are drifting at sea with no direction. Business plans should contain all the disciplines of the enterprise. […]

The Pros and Cons of different product/service strategies

Do you have a product/service strategy? If you do, then this post will be a great guide to confirm that you have picked the correct strategy. If you do not (60% of small to medium enterprises have no strategy at all) then this will provide a guide for selecting one. In selecting a product /service […]

B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media – Price

The 4th in a series of posts covering B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and social media. This post discusses Price. […]

5 Deflationary Indicators – And Their Implications To The CMO

5 examples illustrate that today’s buyer is getting more for his dollar, which has implications in constructing the right offering in deflationary times. […]

4 Marketing Strategies For Deflationary Times

If we enter a period of deflation, marketing strategies will have to change. This discussion looks at the pros and cons of 4 different strategies. […]

What to Consider when selecting an Indirect Sales Partner

 If you are considering selling your product or service via an indirect channel (when you sell your product or service to an intermediary or middleman, who then sells it to the end user) there are numerous considerations that you must examine. As I have said in other postings make sure you have an overall strategy […]

Suggested Modifications to the classic 4 P’s of Marketing

As most of you know back in the 60’s four (some still use just three) Marketing P’s were suggested.  I would propose that we might consider modifying some of the four P’s and actually adding one more.   But first let’s review the original four P’s.

Product:   the “thing” manufactured by a company and sold to […]

Competitor Price Attack, What to Do?

One of your competitors has just announced a significant price reduction on one of their products that competes directly with you.   What should you do?

Before you answer the question, have you done and do you understand the following issues in determining your selling price?

1-      Are your current product price objectives in line with […]