A Recipe to Increase Leads and Revenue

Three operational areas; covering sales to existing customers, reviewing the social media/web coverage of the marketing effort, and focusing on competitive positioning, are necessary before constructing tactical plans to generate new and/or additional leads. […]

5 Marketing Communication Tools – Updated

A 2014 update of our most popular blog, first published in June 2010, covering 5 Marketing Communication tools. […]

Who Is the Greatest Rock & Roll Band of All times?

~~At various marketing events or at  technical forums on subjects like OSPF, SEO, cloud Computing, or at our local town meetings or fund raisers or at various watering hole,; I get asked who is the greatest Rock & Roll Band of all times.  So, I thought I would settle this question once and for all. […]

B2B Marketing, The 4 P’s and Social Media – Promotion

The third in a series – “B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media,” – focusing on social media’s impact on Promotion. […]

The Winner of the 2012 Daytona 500 is

So who really won the Daytona 500?   Officially it was Matt Kenseth and his sponsor, Best Buy, but unofficially I think there was another winner — Twitter and more generally social media.

Before I explain, let me state that I am one of those sport fans: I watch, participate and discuss a wide range of […]

Negative = #fail

Pawngo engaged in negative marketing. It didn’t work and has backfired. A teachable moment for all Marketing people. […]

Suggested Modifications to the classic 4 P’s of Marketing

As most of you know back in the 60’s four (some still use just three) Marketing P’s were suggested.  I would propose that we might consider modifying some of the four P’s and actually adding one more.   But first let’s review the original four P’s.

Product:   the “thing” manufactured by a company and sold to […]

What Are You Doing About Lead Generation?

A comment on how many B2B companies seem to be sticking with traditional lead generation programs, while watching the number and quality of their leads decline. […]

Are Trade Shows Dying?

The answer is YES! I would advise you to go to the next tradeshow, so you can tell the next generation that you were one of the last to see one.

Recent data indicates that tradeshows have been on the decline for a number of years. Reasons for this vary but two are the economy […]

5 Marketing Communication Tools

A marketing person has many tools at his disposal for generating awareness and supporting the selling effort. While there are numerous marketing communication tools, there are also numerous mixes for these tools. The following is a list of some of the more common tools along with examples of their use and some considerations. One important […]