Selecting a Sales Distribution Channel Has a Direct Impact on Revenue

We all know the 4 P’s of marketing (price, promotion, product and place) are critical for any company to be successful. Regarding place or distribution, there are a number of different methods; but the three most popular being: the direct model (one’s own sales force), indirect (reseller/distributors) and direct (online) marketing (emails, blogging, etc). […]

What is Your Customer Retention Rate?

%  Do you know what your customer retention rate is?  If not, stop what you are doing and quickly figure it out before it might be too late. If you do know, are you sure it is correct or it might be a misleading percentage.  Let me explain about both situations. 

First, a reference point.  […]

Which Sales Channel Is Best?

Dick Lush and I are discussing Sales Channels at the Rhode Island Business Exchange on May 3rd. We welcome your participation. […]

Social Media and the Emperor’s New Clothes

A comment on social media metrics, suggesting that they resemble the Emperor’s new clothes; that increasing qualified leads month-over-month is what is important. […]

Curmudgeon Rant

A January rant by a curmudgeon on social media, product strategies and supporting the need for presentable sales people. […]

Marketing, Sales and Focus

A suggestion that if Marketing provides Sales with qualified leads, the discussion of Marketing and Sales alignment goes away. […]

Lead-to-Sales Conversion in B2B Transactions

Seven recommendations on converting leads to sales in the 2011 B2B digital environment. […]

A New Sales Strategy

With the changing of the selling model to where the customer is in control; I contend that the old sales strategy of promising the world and getting the order no longer works.  Instead, I would suggest a different approach of under-promising and over-delivering. Let me give a few examples to support my hypothesis.

The wood […]

Marketing, A Completely Obsolete Function

Still looking to reduce your operating budget?   Here is a suggestion where you can make great inroads- cut or eliminate all Marketing activities.  If you follow these five steps, I will make you a money back guarantee.

1-      Give your sales force and or resellers that key compelling feature for your product or service that […]

What Are You Doing About Lead Generation?

A comment on how many B2B companies seem to be sticking with traditional lead generation programs, while watching the number and quality of their leads decline. […]