What is the ROI for Fraud and Cheating?

Just recently two events regarding ethics got me thinking about this topic and thus here are some thoughts.

The first event talked about one approach of dealing with ethics. It suggested analyzing the consequences, analyzing the action and making a decision.    An example might be someone who presents themselves incorrectly.  The consequence might be qualifying […]

Marketing and the “New Normal”

5 recommendations for Marketers to embrace when facing the chaos of the “new normal” economy. […]

Our Bad? Or, I Don’t Know What I Am Doing?

A reaction to being “uninvited” to a seminar after registering on-line? […]

Marketing, Sales and Focus

A suggestion that if Marketing provides Sales with qualified leads, the discussion of Marketing and Sales alignment goes away. […]

Buggy Whips or Branches?

2011 Marketing Strategies for the CMO in the face of forecasts of an all digital/Web 2.0 environment. […]

Marketing vs. Sales – A Case Study

A case study of a B2B company, that raises some of the developing issues relating to social media/networking and their perceived impact on Sales. […]

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

A discussion on how today’s digital/social networking environment is not that different from the past, and that fundamental Marketing principles have remained constant. […]

Missed Opportunity and #Amtrak

Comments on how Amtrak missed an opportunity to build customer satisfaction when their service failed the Friday before Labor Day. #amtrak […]

2010 Survival Tactics

5 implementable recommendations for the CMO to help make the year and lay the foundation for 2011. […]

Marketing And The “Always On” Culture

Recommendations on how to conduct meetings where the attendees are physically there but using laptops and blackberries to be “always on.” […]