3 Critical Questions You Should ask about Cloud Computing

In my previous posting I talked about Cloud Computing and some of its benefits. I also stated that cloud computing is NOT for every company and that one should carefully evaluate any vendor who offers cloud computing.

Here are three (3) critical questions; there are others, but if you do not good responses from these, […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Call/Contact Center

Everyone is constantly trying ways to lower the cost of operations while at the same time generating additional revenues.  One key area of focus in today’s enterprise is the call or contact center.  Here is where your existing and potential new customers “meet” or interface with your company.  The contact center provides a channel for […]

5 Issues regarding VOIP

One should always understand the issues and considerations when buying any product or service. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is no exception to this rule. This posting will outline the major issues relating to VOIP.

VOIP is basically transmitting packet data (voice is data) over the Internet versus traditional voice (circuit switched). The two basic […]