B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media – Place

The second post in a series titled B2B Marketing, the 4’Ps and Social Media. This post deals with Place. […]

B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media

The impact social media has on one of the 4 P’s – Product, in B2B markets. […]

Account Control is DEAD !

Bad news Timmy, not only is there no Santa Claus, but account control no longer exists!

So if you are living in the old world where sales people knew everything about their accounts, where they provided the customer with all the “necessary information” and helped guide them down the path that eventually led to an […]

Key Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Last week I talked about why small businesses need Marketing.

I started down this path by asking small business owners.  “Do you do any Marketing?”  Most small business responded by saying “I have referrals, thus marketing is not needed at all!” I then listed five reasons why small businesses should have marketing: referrals will not […]

Is Your Contact Center Providing Customer Satisfaction?

Today providing timely access to information for your customer is critical. One way that current enterprises address this need is through their contact center. For a contact center to meet this growing demand of customer satisfaction it must have some key critical components.

First let’s define a contact center and their components. A contact […]

Are Trade Shows Dying?

The answer is YES! I would advise you to go to the next tradeshow, so you can tell the next generation that you were one of the last to see one.

Recent data indicates that tradeshows have been on the decline for a number of years. Reasons for this vary but two are the economy […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Call/Contact Center

Everyone is constantly trying ways to lower the cost of operations while at the same time generating additional revenues.  One key area of focus in today’s enterprise is the call or contact center.  Here is where your existing and potential new customers “meet” or interface with your company.  The contact center provides a channel for […]

Our Web Site At A Year – And Our Advice To Our Clients

A post quantifying the first year of our web site, along with a summary of the advice we provide clients regarding their web sites. […]

A Quick Start Guide for Google Analytics

For those who are creating a web site and want to gather data on how your

Trivia Corner : Where did the expression”Things are

tied up in red tape” come from?

Last week’s answer: Jazz musicians during

the 20s & 30s called getting a gig in a

town or city an apple. If you […]

The Power of Social Networks

Two blogs, one positive, one negative, that show the economic power of Social Networks on a company’s brand, image and customer service. […]