Fire Alarm Engagement Process

Fire Alarm Marketing Methodology


Kickoff meeting

  • Define goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities for both Fire Alarm Marketing and the client.
  • Set preliminary timing and delivery schedules


  • Fire Alarm Marketing will collect data/ information for the requested project.  This usually includes interviewing appropriate individuals for required inputs and needs.
  • Upon completion of the discovery phase, Fire Alarm Marketing will deliver a  Statement of Work (SOW)

Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Objective
  • Client requirements and deliverables
  • SPOC
  • Fire Alarm deliverables
  • Schedule (kickoff, update meeting, communications)
  • Project Personnel
  • Project costs
  • Project options
  • Project change controls 

Knowledge Transfer 

  • Informal or formal training on the deliverables and operation (if applicable)

Project Acceptance

  • Review of initial objectives/deliverables

  • Review of final product/services