Marketing Health Check

Fire Alarm Marketing’s Health Check Program will examine the client’s marketing strategies and programs to assess their effectiveness and efficiency. The “physical” will cover the complete life cycle of the product(s) (product research, introduction, promotion, end of life) and provide a report that documents the health of the “patient.”

The outcome of the examination will be recommendations designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the client’s programs, including suggestions for revised strategies or new programs, if necessary.

To provide these reports, Fire Alarm Marketing will review

· The client’s existing and planned marketing strategies

· The client’s existing and planned marketing programs, including

o Market research methods and tools

o Customer information, data bases and CRM tools

o Product/service realization process

o MRD/PRD process and structure

o On line and off line components aimed at lead generation and branding, including

§ Collateral

§ Print

§ Web

§ Email

§ Telemarketing

§ Seminars

§ Trade shows

§ Etc.

o End of life policies and procedures


This examination requires access to the appropriate marketing personnel and documentation for one day at the client’s location. A presentation to the client on the findings of the examination, coupled with recommendations will follow in a week.


As is expected, Fire Alarm Marketing will conform to the client’s confidentiality agreements.


Pricing for an examination will be a function of the final Statement of Work, and generally should not exceed $3,200. This offer is available only to firms in the New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.