The Fiscal Cliff and Marketing – Part 1

Suggestions for CMOs and Marketing Managers relating to the upcoming fiscal cliff […]

What is Your Customer Retention Rate?

%  Do you know what your customer retention rate is?  If not, stop what you are doing and quickly figure it out before it might be too late. If you do know, are you sure it is correct or it might be a misleading percentage.  Let me explain about both situations. 

First, a reference point.  […]

Why Business get Stuck in “Neutral”

Recently, I have read a number of articles about why businesses’ growth has either stopped, or worst, declined.   Some reasons given for little or no growth are:  the economy, lack of good marketing, wrong product, can’t find the right talent (really!) and my favorite, no one is buying.    I contend there is really only one […]

Marketing and the “New Normal”

5 recommendations for Marketers to embrace when facing the chaos of the “new normal” economy. […]

2 Suggestions For Employing Contractors

As the economy picks up steam,the use of contract workers continues to increase. Here are two suggestions on how to optimize their work output. […]

Ways to Improve your Business Analysis

Before I get into different methods to improve your business analysis, let me be very clear about one thing.

I am not so concerned about the method or methods you use but more importantly that you or someone is DOING an analysis.  In today’s age with all of the types of methods and tools available, […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Customer Satisfaction.

To borrow a theme from one of Clint Eastwood’s movies, here are three real examples of good, bad and ugly customer satisfaction cases.

Let’s start in reverse order with the ugly.   A friend of mine had a home mortgage with Washington Mutual and his payments were automatically withdrawn from his checking account each month. One […]

Sweet and Wide

Sugar is creating obesity, which is increasing medical costs. The suggestion is to tax sugar, using the monies raised to offset the increasing costs. […]

Marketing Checklist for 2012

The 2012 planning and budgeting process is well underway. Here is a checklist for Marketers to follow to make sure nothing is overlooked. […]

Is your company’s management ready for growth?

One popular strategy for companies is a growth strategy that focuses on sales (revenues), or market share (SOM), or assets, or profits.   Regardless of which growth strategy/target one picks, often overlooked is; are the management and its structure ready and prepared for growth.

Typically companies go from a very simple organizational structure to some form […]