Spirit Airlines – An Example of BAD customer service


I am a strong proponent of excellent customer service as both a path to drive revenues and enhance brand image. I have written about this topic before in my blogs (key the topic in the search area); “what is your customer retention rate”, “A scientific approach to customer satisfaction”, […]

Who Is the Greatest Rock & Roll Band of All times?

~~At various marketing events or at  technical forums on subjects like OSPF, SEO, cloud Computing, or at our local town meetings or fund raisers or at various watering hole,; I get asked who is the greatest Rock & Roll Band of all times.  So, I thought I would settle this question once and for all. […]

B2B Marketing, The 4 P’s and Social Media – Promotion

The third in a series – “B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media,” – focusing on social media’s impact on Promotion. […]

The Buyer’s Psych – Brand And Trust

Trust in a brand is a key part of the buying process when people have scarce resources. Marketing’s role today is to ensure that the brand can be trusted. […]

Is Branding important?

At different times I have heard people say, “branding, what is the big deal?” or   “Branding can not be that important.”  Along these lines people say, “hey I know that product, so why so much of a fuss about their branding activity. Branding really does not make any difference to the intended audience.”

Well, nothing […]

The Power of Social Networks

Two blogs, one positive, one negative, that show the economic power of Social Networks on a company’s brand, image and customer service. […]

Not all value propositions are created equally

Having taken liberty with a famous document, I contend that not only are vendor’s value propositions not created equally, most miss the mark with their customers.