Sales and Distribution

A 2014 update on three of our most popular blogs, covering choosing the best sales organization and the pros/cons of Direct and Indirect channels. […]

The Role of Marketing – Yesterday and Tomorrow

A discussion of the traditional role of Marketing versus the “new” Marketing, which is influenced by the changes brought on by digital tools. […]

The Pros and Cons of different product/service strategies

Do you have a product/service strategy? If you do, then this post will be a great guide to confirm that you have picked the correct strategy. If you do not (60% of small to medium enterprises have no strategy at all) then this will provide a guide for selecting one. In selecting a product /service […]

How to Optimize Your Current Marketing Mix?

Are you getting the best “bang” for your Marketing bucks?

Today’s environment has created challenges for all marketing organizations.  First, the economy is probably having a negative impact on your business, which is being reflected in your marketing budget, personnel and flexibility. All of this with increasing requests to generate additional leads (sales). The other […]

All We Need is One More 800 Number to Call!

I don’t know about you, but if I call one more 800 number and get a robotic voice asking me to express my need or press one for whatever, I am going to just hang up and cancel that account.

Now I realize that 800 numbers (one channel into a contact center) is a cost […]

Advertising versus Personal Selling, Which is Best?

In business to business markets, I am often asked which is best to focus on, advertising or personal (relationship) selling.

Before I answer the question, let’s look at what functions each perform and then draw a conclusion.

Assuming your enterprise has a direct sales force, it performs many functions such as; relationships, promoting your company, […]

Which Sales Channel is the Best?

Like everything else in this world, there are often multiple choices that can be made. Selecting a sales channel is no different. I have listed below the more popular sales channels and a very high level advantage and disadvantage of each.

Channel Chief Advantage Chief Disadvantage

Direct Sales Force Account Control Can be expensive


The Pros and Cons of Government Sales

A guest post by Bob McKee, highlighting the Pros and Cons of selling to the Government through the GSA. […]

Five Myths about the Direct Marketing Model

In a previous postings I talked about Five Myths for both the direct sales force model and indirect selling model. This posting will discuss five major misconceptions about the direct marketing selling model. (Off and on line marketing, web site, social media and etc.).

Five major direct marketing misconceptions:

1- Given today’s technologies, […]

Five Myths about the Indirect Model

In a previous posting I talked about Five Myths for the direct sales force. This posting will discuss five major misconceptions about the indirect channel (reseller, distributors, partners and etc.).

Five major indirect channel misconceptions:

1- Partners, resellers, etc. are all alike. Nothing could be further from the truth! The major impression is […]