Cloud Computing – One Year Later

In a posting last year, I discussed the basics of cloud computing and its pros and cons . This posting looks at the progress cloud computing has made since then.

First a quick review:

 Last year, I defined Cloud computing as sharing of computer, network and related applications such that they are virtual to the […]

3 Critical Questions You Should ask about Cloud Computing

In my previous posting I talked about Cloud Computing and some of its benefits. I also stated that cloud computing is NOT for every company and that one should carefully evaluate any vendor who offers cloud computing.

Here are three (3) critical questions; there are others, but if you do not good responses from these, […]

Is your Cloud (Computing) Secure?

In my previous postings, I have talked about what cloud computing is, some pros and cons and a sample of vendors who claim they offer cloud computing. This posting will talk about one specific issue, namely security for the cloud.  This issue, unlike some of the other topics not only has generated more discussions but […]

Cloud Computing, a Vendor Survey

In my last two postings, I discussed the definition, some of the major factors and the Pros and Cons about cloud computing.  This posting will highlight five (5) vendors who claim to offer cloud computing.

Please note, there are hundreds of vendors proposing to offer cloud computing. I have  selected five vendors and reviewed them […]

The Basics about Cloud Computing

I was recently asked by a business owner if he should move into the “cloud”.  After a lengthy discussion, I realized even though this is a current topic and there are many articles about cloud computing, it still seems to be confusing for many.  So for those who are wondering if cloud computing is for […]