Spirit Airlines – An Example of BAD customer service


I am a strong proponent of excellent customer service as both a path to drive revenues and enhance brand image. I have written about this topic before in my blogs (key the topic in the search area); “what is your customer retention rate”, “A scientific approach to customer satisfaction”, […]

A Quick Start Guide for Google Analytics

For those who are creating a web site and want to gather data on how your

Trivia Corner : Where did the expression”Things are

tied up in red tape” come from?

Last week’s answer: Jazz musicians during

the 20s & 30s called getting a gig in a

town or city an apple. If you […]

The ONLY Metric to use in 2010 planning

The definition of the ONLY metric to use in developing 2010 Marketing plans. […]

Spring Cleaning = Revenue

Suggestions on how to minimize risk, while generating revenue when dealing with older products. […]

A Checklist for Customer Focus

A checklist to gauge how effectively you are focusing on your installed base of customers. […]

Why Doesn’t the Buyer Buy?

A response to Barbara Bix’s comments, suggesting that Marketing decision makers are incented not to buy by management, and offering alternative strategies to Marketers to help weather the times. […]