Spirit Airlines – An Example of BAD customer service


I am a strong proponent of excellent customer service as both a path to drive revenues and enhance brand image. I have written about this topic before in my blogs (key the topic in the search area); “what is your customer retention rate”, “A scientific approach to customer satisfaction”, […]

The Decline of Project Management

I have often wondered if it was just me or has the quality of project management declined considerable?

Just recently on a business  trip, I was  talking to two other people over dinner. During the conversation, I learned that one individual was a project manager for a very large engineering firm and the other individual […]

Typical Business Plan Outline Part 2

~~Before we look at a typical business plan, a few comments first. 1-Regardless of the size or complexity of the enterprise, one should include all sections even if they are not formed or required. 2- Each section should have a “mini” business plan that should define their mission, goals and objectives that support the company’s […]

What is Your Customer Retention Rate?

%  Do you know what your customer retention rate is?  If not, stop what you are doing and quickly figure it out before it might be too late. If you do know, are you sure it is correct or it might be a misleading percentage.  Let me explain about both situations. 

First, a reference point.  […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Customer Satisfaction.

To borrow a theme from one of Clint Eastwood’s movies, here are three real examples of good, bad and ugly customer satisfaction cases.

Let’s start in reverse order with the ugly.   A friend of mine had a home mortgage with Washington Mutual and his payments were automatically withdrawn from his checking account each month. One […]

A Scientific approach to Customer Satisfaction

In one of my posting I asked the question, Who is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction?

 I stated that customer satisfaction is the responsibility of EVERYONE!

Everyone “touches “  the customer and how everyone performs their job relates to the customer being satisfied.  I also listed several steps for starting a customer satisfaction program within any […]

Who is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction can be a very unique differentiator for any corporation and a major value proposition to any of the corporation’s customers.   When a product or service is on a par with the competition you can use best in class customer satisfaction to stand out in a crowded market.

When customers look for value, it […]

Account Control is DEAD !

Bad news Timmy, not only is there no Santa Claus, but account control no longer exists!

So if you are living in the old world where sales people knew everything about their accounts, where they provided the customer with all the “necessary information” and helped guide them down the path that eventually led to an […]

Verizon Wireless – A Lesson Learned?


The following post is about how a vendor made three (3) major mistakes in today’s Marketing world.

Background, I recently ordered a cell phone from Verizon Wireless (actually the sales representative made a very compelling sales pitch for this particular phone (Pantech ) Upon delivery, I inserted the battery, charged the battery and called […]

Marketing SPIN is a thing of the past

Well, I guess the current political environment has done one positive thing for consumers and industrial buyers. The joke about how do you know when a politician is lying…. when his/her mouth is moving, can now be said about Marketers. A webinar I attended and a recent survey stated that 70 -75% of buyers don’t […]