Sales and Distribution

A 2014 update on three of our most popular blogs, covering choosing the best sales organization and the pros/cons of Direct and Indirect channels. […]

The Pros and Cons of different product/service strategies

Do you have a product/service strategy? If you do, then this post will be a great guide to confirm that you have picked the correct strategy. If you do not (60% of small to medium enterprises have no strategy at all) then this will provide a guide for selecting one. In selecting a product /service […]

Which Sales Channel Is Best?

Dick Lush and I are discussing Sales Channels at the Rhode Island Business Exchange on May 3rd. We welcome your participation. […]

Death of a (Field) Salesman

A post suggesting that Internet disintermediation will cause the traditional field sales person to be replaced by telemarketers. […]

Is The Internet Replacing Telemarketing?

A post showing how the Internet has the potential to replace the telemarketing function. […]