Selecting a Sales Distribution Channel Has a Direct Impact on Revenue

We all know the 4 P’s of marketing (price, promotion, product and place) are critical for any company to be successful. Regarding place or distribution, there are a number of different methods; but the three most popular being: the direct model (one’s own sales force), indirect (reseller/distributors) and direct (online) marketing (emails, blogging, etc). […]

Sales and Distribution

A 2014 update on three of our most popular blogs, covering choosing the best sales organization and the pros/cons of Direct and Indirect channels. […]

The Pros and Cons of different product/service strategies

Do you have a product/service strategy? If you do, then this post will be a great guide to confirm that you have picked the correct strategy. If you do not (60% of small to medium enterprises have no strategy at all) then this will provide a guide for selecting one. In selecting a product /service […]

What to Consider when selecting an Indirect Sales Partner – Part II

 In my last posting, I talked about a number of critical considerations/ activities that one must review when selecting to use an indirect channel. As I have said in other postings regarding channels  make sure you have an overall strategy and ask; will this channel selection support this strategy?  I then talked in more detail about […]

What to Consider when selecting an Indirect Sales Partner

 If you are considering selling your product or service via an indirect channel (when you sell your product or service to an intermediary or middleman, who then sells it to the end user) there are numerous considerations that you must examine. As I have said in other postings make sure you have an overall strategy […]

Five Tips on Buying A Mailing List

Considering doing a mail or email campaign and want to buy a mailing list? The following are some tips that you should consider before sending in that PO or money order. 1-Does the list you are thinking about cover those industries or market segments that you want to serve? A key to successful mailing campaigns […]

Five Myths about the Direct Marketing Model

In a previous postings I talked about Five Myths for both the direct sales force model and indirect selling model. This posting will discuss five major misconceptions about the direct marketing selling model. (Off and on line marketing, web site, social media and etc.).

Five major direct marketing misconceptions:

1- Given today’s technologies, […]

Five Myths about the Indirect Model

In a previous posting I talked about Five Myths for the direct sales force. This posting will discuss five major misconceptions about the indirect channel (reseller, distributors, partners and etc.).

Five major indirect channel misconceptions:

1- Partners, resellers, etc. are all alike. Nothing could be further from the truth! The major impression is […]

A Basic Guide for Building a Reseller Program

All too often companies sign up a reseller(s), roll the dice and as they say, “hope for the best.”

Trivia Corner In communication, what does DSL stand for?Last week’s answer: During the17th century in England,officialdocuments were wrapped in red tape.

When the best doesn’t come, everyone wonders why goals are not being met, why the […]

Switching Sales Channels, Don’t touch that dial just yet

This is the seventh in a series regarding Sales Channels

One reader, who felt that the scorecard was a good guideline in defining the appropriate channels for many enterprises, wanted some insight on what should be […]