The Decline of Project Management

I have often wondered if it was just me or has the quality of project management declined considerable?

Just recently on a business  trip, I was  talking to two other people over dinner. During the conversation, I learned that one individual was a project manager for a very large engineering firm and the other individual […]

Sales and Distribution

A 2014 update on three of our most popular blogs, covering choosing the best sales organization and the pros/cons of Direct and Indirect channels. […]

Typical Business Plan Outline Part 2

~~Before we look at a typical business plan, a few comments first. 1-Regardless of the size or complexity of the enterprise, one should include all sections even if they are not formed or required. 2- Each section should have a “mini” business plan that should define their mission, goals and objectives that support the company’s […]

B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media

The impact social media has on one of the 4 P’s – Product, in B2B markets. […]

The Fiscal Cliff and Marketing – Part II

The Fiscal Cliff issue highlights four common traits that a President and CMO must have in order to see their agenda achieved. They are shown here. […]

Is your company’s management ready for growth?

One popular strategy for companies is a growth strategy that focuses on sales (revenues), or market share (SOM), or assets, or profits.   Regardless of which growth strategy/target one picks, often overlooked is; are the management and its structure ready and prepared for growth.

Typically companies go from a very simple organizational structure to some form […]

Where Is The Economy Headed?

Recent experiences and news reports suggest that the economy is struggling in Q2. This post asks for responses to 3 questions regarding the economy. […]

6 Mistakes Marketers Are Making

A posting that highlights the 6 most common mistakes we see Marketing managers making today, along with suggestions on how to correct them. […]

Marketing – Stop The Trend Toward Sales Support

A discussion on the trend in some companies to position the Marketing role as strictly supporting sales; why this is bad and the necessity of the Product Manager role. […]

A Suggestion For A 2011 Marketing Organization

The digital age is placing new demands on Marketing. Here is a proposed Marketing organization for 2011 that will meet these demands. […]