The Basics of a Business Plan Part One

Business Plans are critical to any enterprises.  But there are enterprises that either have only a partial plan or no plan at all.   Having no plan is like a ship without a rudder; you will be afloat but are drifting at sea with no direction. Business plans should contain all the disciplines of the enterprise. […]

The Pros and Cons of different product/service strategies

Do you have a product/service strategy? If you do, then this post will be a great guide to confirm that you have picked the correct strategy. If you do not (60% of small to medium enterprises have no strategy at all) then this will provide a guide for selecting one. In selecting a product /service […]

Five Myths about the Direct Marketing Model

In a previous postings I talked about Five Myths for both the direct sales force model and indirect selling model. This posting will discuss five major misconceptions about the direct marketing selling model. (Off and on line marketing, web site, social media and etc.).

Five major direct marketing misconceptions:

1- Given today’s technologies, […]

Are your customers having a favorable experience?

I just don’t get it, times are tough, money is tight, and enterprises are at a loss on how to get their customers to buy!

It is simple, they want a favorable experience; let me explain.

But first a little bit of business history. According the experts, our economy was first based on farming and […]

Stop channel surfing for sales and get a strategy

Like spring cleaning, it seems if corporate America changes their sales distribution methods on a regular basis. The latest trend seems to be oriented towards the indirect versus direct distribution. As best I can tell, projected or forecasted cost savings seems to be the main reason for this conversion. My […]

Why Doesn’t the Buyer Buy?

A response to Barbara Bix’s comments, suggesting that Marketing decision makers are incented not to buy by management, and offering alternative strategies to Marketers to help weather the times. […]

Not all value propositions are created equally

Having taken liberty with a famous document, I contend that not only are vendor’s value propositions not created equally, most miss the mark with their customers.