Defining Differentiation

Differentiating your product/service is a key requirement for generating profitable revenue. The effort and work in differentiating commodity products is different from the effort and work to differentiate prestige products. Both must be continually tested against the target market segment. […]

Is Your Contact Center Measuring Up?

As I stated in my last posting, Contact Centers are your face to the customer. I discussed the important functions required of a contact center in meeting customer needs and the requirements that must be present for it to be best-in-class.

From an enterprise point of view, Contact Centers are measured by performance metrics regarding […]

How do you measure a salesperson’s performance?

The most common response I hear when I ask a sales person how he or she did for the quarter or the year; is something about their quota. i.e., “I made quota” or “I’m at 70% of quota, but with two big deals hanging fire.”  While quota should always be part of a performance evaluation, […]

A Market Segmentation Guide

One of the key marketing functions (for B2C or B2B) is to know your customer!

One tool to help you in the process is market segmentation (A market segment is a group of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product and/or service, from Wikipedia).

The following is […]

Right and Wrong, Wall St. Bonuses and Reputation

Using the bonuses being paid-out on Wall St. as an example, a posting that discusses how twitter and Facebook comments impact a firm’s reputation. […]

A Quick Start Guide for Google Analytics

For those who are creating a web site and want to gather data on how your

Trivia Corner : Where did the expression”Things are

tied up in red tape” come from?

Last week’s answer: Jazz musicians during

the 20s & 30s called getting a gig in a

town or city an apple. If you […]

The latest and essential marketing metrics

Trivia Corner For you New York fans: Where did the term “The Big Apple” come from?Answer- Next time

Last week I was in my local bookstore and I saw a book whose title stated “50 mandatory marketing metrics.” My reaction was WOW, 50! So I went home and after only five minutes […]