Selecting a Sales Distribution Channel Has a Direct Impact on Revenue

We all know the 4 P’s of marketing (price, promotion, product and place) are critical for any company to be successful. Regarding place or distribution, there are a number of different methods; but the three most popular being: the direct model (one’s own sales force), indirect (reseller/distributors) and direct (online) marketing (emails, blogging, etc). […]

Which Sales Channel Is Best?

Dick Lush and I are discussing Sales Channels at the Rhode Island Business Exchange on May 3rd. We welcome your participation. […]

A Basic Guide for Building a Reseller Program

All too often companies sign up a reseller(s), roll the dice and as they say, “hope for the best.”

Trivia Corner In communication, what does DSL stand for?Last week’s answer: During the17th century in England,officialdocuments were wrapped in red tape.

When the best doesn’t come, everyone wonders why goals are not being met, why the […]