5 Suggestions for Making The Year

It is the end of June, and the year is half over.  The stock market appears to be heading down, unemployment is still high and there is talk of a double-dip recession.  In putting the 2011 plan together in the fall of 2010, the outlook was more optimistic and “aggressive” targets for sales, revenue and […]

Don’t Fall For The Inbound Marketing Hype

Suggestions for B2B Marketers that the personal interaction with buyers is more important than social media and the current hype around inbound marketing. […]

Measuring Marketing by ROI is BS

A discussion on the application of a financial metric, ROI to Marketing activities. ROI can be applied to tools and software, not to creativity and leadership. […]

Email, Trust and Epsilon

Suggestions for Marketers on how to use email in the aftermath of the Epsilon breach. […]

Social Media and the Emperor’s New Clothes

A comment on social media metrics, suggesting that they resemble the Emperor’s new clothes; that increasing qualified leads month-over-month is what is important. […]

Facebook to set new revenue records in 2011

Facebook’s revenue estimates for 2010 were in the range of $1B to $1.5B One source of Facebook’s revenue is from Ads. Given there are 600 million plus people on Facebook and that it’s and growing at a rapid rate, the potential for record breaking revenues in 2011 is very possible. So if you would like […]

Curmudgeon Rant

A January rant by a curmudgeon on social media, product strategies and supporting the need for presentable sales people. […]

Are Trade Shows Dead?

We all know the old expression; “you learn something new every day!”   Well, I think this one will be interesting to many readers.   According to a number of surveys that questioned marketers in the B2B environment on what marketing activities were very effective in providing leads, tradeshows, yes tradeshows, were very high on the list. […]

Our Bad? Or, I Don’t Know What I Am Doing?

A reaction to being “uninvited” to a seminar after registering on-line? […]

Verizon Wireless – A Lesson Learned?


The following post is about how a vendor made three (3) major mistakes in today’s Marketing world.

Background, I recently ordered a cell phone from Verizon Wireless (actually the sales representative made a very compelling sales pitch for this particular phone (Pantech ) Upon delivery, I inserted the battery, charged the battery and called […]