Lead-to-Sales Conversion in B2B Transactions

Seven recommendations on converting leads to sales in the 2011 B2B digital environment. […]

Suggested Modifications to the classic 4 P’s of Marketing

As most of you know back in the 60’s four (some still use just three) Marketing P’s were suggested.  I would propose that we might consider modifying some of the four P’s and actually adding one more.   But first let’s review the original four P’s.

Product:   the “thing” manufactured by a company and sold to […]

Marketing SPIN is a thing of the past

Well, I guess the current political environment has done one positive thing for consumers and industrial buyers. The joke about how do you know when a politician is lying…. when his/her mouth is moving, can now be said about Marketers. A webinar I attended and a recent survey stated that 70 -75% of buyers don’t […]

A Brief Guide for Selecting Social Media Tools

This is a second in a series regarding social media tools.  As I stated earlier, the first step in selecting which social media tools to use is critical and will have a big impact on the success of your marketing programs and revenue generation.

Step one is to understand how social media will support your […]

How to get Started in Social Media

Are you considering using some form of social media like internet forums, blogs, micro blogging, podcasts, or social networking?  If the answer is YES, which it should be, then this post will give you the foundation for the first step in entering in the social media era.

The first step is critical and will have […]

Marketing, A Completely Obsolete Function

Still looking to reduce your operating budget?   Here is a suggestion where you can make great inroads- cut or eliminate all Marketing activities.  If you follow these five steps, I will make you a money back guarantee.

1-      Give your sales force and or resellers that key compelling feature for your product or service that […]

Key Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Last week I talked about why small businesses need Marketing.

I started down this path by asking small business owners.  “Do you do any Marketing?”  Most small business responded by saying “I have referrals, thus marketing is not needed at all!” I then listed five reasons why small businesses should have marketing: referrals will not […]

Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Marketing


Do you do any Marketing? Most small business owner’s response is “I have referrals thus marketing is not needed at all!” Well let’s look at this position a little closer.

First, some background about small businesses. There are about 24 million small businesses * (with less than 500 employees) in the United States and […]

B2B And The Customer of 1

Strategic and tactical recommendations for small B2B companies on using social media. […]

Missed Opportunity and #Amtrak

Comments on how Amtrak missed an opportunity to build customer satisfaction when their service failed the Friday before Labor Day. #amtrak […]