Defining Differentiation

Differentiating your product/service is a key requirement for generating profitable revenue. The effort and work in differentiating commodity products is different from the effort and work to differentiate prestige products. Both must be continually tested against the target market segment. […]

What is the ROI for Fraud and Cheating?

Just recently two events regarding ethics got me thinking about this topic and thus here are some thoughts.

The first event talked about one approach of dealing with ethics. It suggested analyzing the consequences, analyzing the action and making a decision.    An example might be someone who presents themselves incorrectly.  The consequence might be qualifying […]

Who Is the Greatest Rock & Roll Band of All times?

~~At various marketing events or at  technical forums on subjects like OSPF, SEO, cloud Computing, or at our local town meetings or fund raisers or at various watering hole,; I get asked who is the greatest Rock & Roll Band of all times.  So, I thought I would settle this question once and for all. […]

Social Media – Now What?

The adoption of social media tools has leveled the playing field for top competitors in B2B and B2C markets. Companies must continue to focus on their distinctive competencies and value add, communicating these to there target markets. […]

B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and Social Media – Price

The 4th in a series of posts covering B2B Marketing, the 4 P’s and social media. This post discusses Price. […]

A Scientific approach to Customer Satisfaction

In one of my posting I asked the question, Who is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction?

 I stated that customer satisfaction is the responsibility of EVERYONE!

Everyone “touches “  the customer and how everyone performs their job relates to the customer being satisfied.  I also listed several steps for starting a customer satisfaction program within any […]

The Lesson My Barber Taught Me About Confidence And The Economy

Consumer confidence is going down, driven by the wrangling in Congress, uncertain economic conditions abroad, and the stock market. When confidence comes back, so will the economy. […]

Who is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction can be a very unique differentiator for any corporation and a major value proposition to any of the corporation’s customers.   When a product or service is on a par with the competition you can use best in class customer satisfaction to stand out in a crowded market.

When customers look for value, it […]

Is There a Different Between For Profit and Non-Profit From a Marketing Point of View?

For those who always read the last chapter in a book first, the answer is there is no there is no difference between for profit companies and non-profits.

For the rest of you please read on.

In one of my postings titled Why Marketing Products and Services Are The Same, I discussed why, from a […]

What is a great value proposition?

Value propositions are very important to business because if they are done correctly they uniquely define something that a company offers to their customer that addresses their need(s).  Unfortunately many marketing people and some senior management people are so close to their products or services that they actually feel their value propositions are compelling and […]